I.                     MISSION

The mission of the committee is to generate awareness and participation in Pride Sports League through social events.

II.                   NEEDS

Advertising and promotional materials.

Financial support and donations to cover cost of events.

Partnerships with other local affiliated allies and organizations.

Assistance with volunteer recruitments.

III.                 AUTHORITY

The committee operates under authority from the PSL Board of Directors. 

IV.                 PARTICIPANTION

The PSL president selects the committee chair, and the chair chooses committee participants and the number of committee participants in consultation with the president.   

Committee participants do not need to be on the Board of Directors. 


1)       The committee chair shall call committee meetings when necessary.

2)       Meetings may be in person, by conference call, or through other electronic means.

3)       All meetings shall be documented with agendas and minutes.  Minutes shall be distributed to all committee participants, and PSL Secretary in a timely manner after the meeting. 

          The chair is responsible for the writing and distribution of meeting agendas, minutes or assignments but may tap committee participants for assistance.

4)       Reports to the Board shall be provided at each meeting as appropriate. 

VI.                 DECISION MAKING

Committee decisions shall attempt to be made by consensus as appropriate to the committee authority.

VII.               GOALS AND REPORTING (updated yearly)

Consistent with the goals outlined below, the committee shall transmit to the Board of Directors an annual plan for committee work with budget requests by Board Budget Meeting of each year. The committee chair shall report the committees activities and accomplishments to the PSL at each Board meeting. 

The committees immediate goals include: 

September 2019 - August 2020 Goals

Creating more partnership type social events with other LGBTQ Organizations, such as Prime Timers, One Iowa, Captial Bears, etc

Creating a calendar for the year, and working/looking more ahead for larger social events.

Look at creating smaller group social events throughout the year.  

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