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The Pride Sports League is continually evaluating the interests of our participants, we are open to adding any sport or activity that will have enough interest to facilitate.  All of our sports are open to team registration or signing up as an individual (free agent) and we'll place you on a team.    Below is a summary of our current offerings and general seasons.  If you don't see something you like, let us know!  

Be sure to join our email list (signup on homepage) or our facebook group to stay informed of when registration opens.  

Registration typically opens about 6-8 weeks before the season opens.

Indoor Volleyball

We run one in indoor volleyball season each year starting in January.   Games are typically on Sunday evenings.  

Indoor Basketball

We run one in indoor basketball season each year starting in January.   Games are typically on Sunday evenings. 


We run two dodgeball leagues each year in the early spring and late fall.  Games are typically on Sunday evenings beginning in March for the spring league and October for the fall league.  


We run two softball leagues each year in the spring and late summer/fall.  Games are typically on Sunday afternoons beginning in April for the spring league and August for the fall league.  


We run one outdoor kickball season each year starting in July.   Games are typically on Sunday afternoons.  

Sand Volleyball

We run two sand volleyball leagues each year in the late spring and summer.  Games are typically on Monday evenings beginning in May for the spring league and July for the fall league.  


Our tennis league is an informal club that meets on Wednesday evenings in the summer for practice with occasional matches on Saturday mornings. 


Our soccer league is an informal club that meets on Tuesday evenings in the summer/fall for practice.  


We have a cycling group that typically sets up rides on every other Saturday morning during the spring/summer (for more details on specific dates please watch for the events on Facebook and our meetup page).

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