Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I Sign-Up on the Website?

How do I get Notifications for Events

When you create a Profile on the website, you will be placed automatically into a email pool.

That email pool will have messages sent to it when Events are coming up.

If you happen to accidently unsubscribe, you can easily re-subscribe by following the simple steps below.

Log into your Profile, find your Dashboard, and click Edit Profile.

At the bottom of the page there is a Check Box reading: Email me about upcoming Pride Sports League Activities and promotions.

**Make sure the box is checked and you Save Changes**

Where do I find the Schedule for Events

How do I find the Locatoin of where Events are held?

How do I find a Team?

Can I Sign-Up myself, or team player after Registration Closes?

When I sign the Waiver, how long does it Last? What does it Encompass?

How do I contact the Pride Sports League Board of Direactors?

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