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Fall 2015
Aug 16 ’15
Oct 11 ’15
Registration Dates:
Jul 7 ’15 – Aug 1 ’15 early bird
Aug 2 ’15 – Aug 15 ’15 regular
Pride Sports League
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun between 2:00pm and 6:00pm
Team Fees
Early Bird $40.00 per player
Regular $40.00 per player
Free Agent Fees
Early Bird $40.00
Regular $40.00

Registration options:  

You can register as a captain and then add your teammates or have them sign up as team players and join your team.  Or you can sign up as a team player if you have a team to join.   Or you can sign up as free agent and we'll place you on a team.   





A.     10 players are allowed on the field.  Fewer players are allowed to play if the team is short players for a particular game. 

B.     Games consist of 7 innings unless time limit is reached.

C.     Time Limit: No new inning will start after 1 hour 15 minutes.  It is a good idea to have the managers and umpires agree on the actual time when the game starts.  Game can end in a tie.

D.     No more than 10 runs may be scored per inning, after the 10th run scores, the teams will switch at bat.  No other mercy rules in effect.

E.     Free substitution will be allowed to promote participation. Players may be substituted freely defensively at the beginning of each inning, and all players present will be put in the batting order. Players arriving after the game begins will be placed at the end of the batting order.

F.     No lead-off of bases or steals are allowed.  Player can leave the base once the ball crosses the plate. 

G.     A legally pitched ball must, in the judgment of the umpire, reach a minimum arc of six (6) feet and shall not exceed a maximum height of twelve (12) feet from the ground. Any ball that, in the umpireÃ??Ã?¢??s judgment does not meet these requirements will be a delayed dead ball. The umpire will make a visual and/or verbally signal to indicate an illegal pitch. A batter may choose to swing at the ball and in doing so negates the dead ball. In which all results of the play are valid. If the batter chooses not to swing, the pitch will be called a "ball". No fake pitches are allowed whether while on the pitching rubber or not. Pitcher must come to a complete stop prior to pitching the ball. (No walking starts or quick pitches)

H.    Batters get a full 4 balls 3 strike count, a foul ball on 3rd strike is not an out. 


A.     Bats shall be official softball bats certified by ASA.

B.     No steel spikes are to be worn at anytime. If the umpire notices anyone with them, they will be asked to change into other shoes. If they do not have a pair, they cannot play until they can find another pair. Playing in sandals or bare feet is not allowed.


A.     Fielders must leave access to all bases and home plate. Failure to allow a runner clear access to any base will result in the runner being awarded that base. In addition, it is the runnerÃ??Ã?¢??s responsibility to avoid contact with the defensive player at all bases. If, in the opinion of the umpire, any contact outside of incidental, the runner will be called out and will be ejected from the game. A runner who initiates contact in an effort to dislodge the ball from the fielder's grip will be declared out, and may be subject to the penalties of the next rule. 


At the discretion of the umpire, any person who instigates a fight, provokes a physical confrontation, or attempts to maliciously injure another player, will be ejected from the game immediately.  Pride Sports League officials reserve the right to ban the player from all future League activities.


At no time will players, teams or spectators be allowed to threaten, harass, berate, belittle, make loud obnoxious remarks, �?�¢??trash talk�?�¢??, or make obscene remarks or gestures about other players, teams, spectators, or umpires. Any verbal abuse will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike conduct will be left to the discretion of the umpire and failure to observe these rules will mean ejection from the game and a one game suspension. Offender(s) will be subject to ejection from the league, without prior warning, pending further investigation.


Players are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner displaying good sportsmanship at all times. A �?�¢??Sportsmanship Out�?�¢?? may be administered by the umpire for any cussing by players, coaches or bench personnel. If the team is up to bat, the out will be immediate. If the team is in the field the out/outs will be subtracted when they come up to bat. More than one sportsmanship out may be assessed. A player�?�¢??s action may require ejection and they will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.

E.     The umpires decisions are final.

F.     Pride Sports Leagues reserves the right to ban any players from future games and league events for bad behavior.   

ASA Rules:  https://drive.google.com/a/jonsweb.net/file/d/0B9n3t5bizQXAN1hobTVKODUxQ0E/view?usp=sharing

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