2021 - Summer Kickball  Kickball (Outdoor) · Any Novice

Summer 2021
Jul 18 ’21
Aug 8 ’21
Registration Dates:
Jul 2 ’21 – Jul 16 ’21 regular
Carney Park
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Team Fees
Regular $20.00 per player
Free Agent Fees
Regular $20.00

Location: Carney Park, 2780 SW 30th St  Des Moines, IA 50321

Registration:  You can register as a team or as a free agent and we'll put you on a team.  

Kickball teams can consist of 8 to 10 players on the field.   Teams can be any makeup of male/female.   Games will be 1 hour between 1 and 4 pm.    

Non-metal cleats are allowed. 

Umpires/Officials: Teams will Umpire their own players, when up to bat.



1. Games will be 7 innings.  A new inning will be not started after 50 minutes. 
2. There will be a 10 run limit per inning. After a team scores 10 runs, the other team will be at bat.  


1. A legal pitch must roll along the ground with limited bounce no higher then the top of the batters knee while crossing the plate.
2. The count begins at 0 ball, 0 strike.
3. There is no strikeout. Three foul balls is a out. The pitcher may move in closer so ball may be smoothly delivered. The kicker may not charge the ball until it comes over home plate.
4. The play ends once the pitcher has the ball in control and is near the mound.
5. Outs are attained by catching a fly ball, 3 fouls by a kicker, hitting base runners between bases with the ball below the shoulders. You may throw the ball to a base in a force out situation or tag a runner. 

1. All kicks must be taken at or behind the home plate. If the ball is kicked outside of 3 feet in front of home plate, the play will be called dead (This call must be made immediately), and the result will be a called foul ball.
2. No bunting is allowed 


1. Runners must stay within the base line. Runners may not leave base, until ball is kicked. A runner off of his/her base when the ball is kicked is an out. A runner may not leave base, until ball is kicked. Leaving base Early is an out. Run doesn't count if 3rd out of the inning is a force out.
2. Runners must tag up on pop-flys (similar to baseball). 
3. Base Running on Overthrows; a. an overthrow is a ball thrown, kicked, or deflected into foul territory while making a defensive play toward a player or base; b. a runner may advance only one base beyond the base the runner is on or running toward when the ball travels into foul territory; c. one base on an overthrow is a restriction on the runner and not an automatic right for the runner to advance; d. if any fielder attempts to make an out prior to returning the ball to the pitcher, runners may commence base running.

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